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KAYE COMMUNICATIONS,INC. – The “Marketing” Public Relations Firm

Delivering Market-Relevant Strategies And
Game-Changing “Original” Content
That Empower Companies To Grow And Dominate

At Kaye Communications, we achieve results-driven communications success for C-Suite level leadership, small business entrepreneurs and owners, government agencies and nonprofits by effectively blending traditional and untraditional approaches, and not relying on repetitive “cookie-cutter” plans and programs that may have worked for a business in the past, but are not longer relevant to today's and tomorrow's goals. 

Our firm is a recognized hybrid expert source and provider of integrated communications practice areas and business disciplines, not merely a team of traditional publicists and event promoters. To heighten brand influence and increase customer/membership/employee engagement for businesses and organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries, we provide serious "think tank" counsel for launches and re-visioning; community engagement (initiation, cultivation and management); "original" content strategies and development; traditional, digital and social media expertise and implementation; crisis/reputation management, and full-service branding and graphic design with enlightening counsel to prevent costly tunnel vision.

Smart Strategies Begin @ Kaye Communications
Where We SET Trends By:
  • Defining (or re-defining) a client’s distinctive brand promise
  • Developing results-focused strategies and authentic messaging
  • Creating brand campaigns with results-generating “original” content
  • Selecting audience-relevant communications channels
  • Employing creative approaches for maximum audience engagement
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Who We Are
Kaye Communications, Inc., (KCOM) is an integrated public relations and marketing firm that designs and implements local, regional and national broad-based communications programs for corporations, purveyors and retailers of consumer products and services, hotels/resorts/private clubs and restaurants, healthcare providers, real estate development firms, financial services firms, professional service firms, entertainment companies, cultural arts venues and government agencies. Specialties include business re-visioning and related strategic planning; consumer and business-to-business marketing; brand development and management; public relations; traditional, digital, and social media relations; strategic alliance building; community engagement; strategic messaging and copy development; e-communications and full-service graphic design. Seasoned management and creative teams reflect a broad professional history demonstrating first-hand understanding of both in-house corporate communications and public relations/marketing agency counsel.

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“Is Your Company Viewed As Relevant Or Relic
In The New Normal?”
What Your Marketing And Communications (MarCom) Says About Your Business

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Jon and Bonnie Kaye, in the Boca Observer

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